Video Making 101

Video editing is the most important job in the media industry. This skill is essential to blend the images and the sounds very well to not only make the audience hooked by the awesome visuals presented but also to make them feel the emotion that the video wants to be conveyed. With the proper transitions, graphic effects, and musical scores, it will surely entertain the viewers. However, not all people have the full knowledge of video making and editing. Thus, here are a few things to consider when making and editing a video.

First off, in making a video, you have to be sure that you have the right equipment that you need. One of the things on the list is to have the right camera. There are many cameras out there but not all can give you the right quality that you are looking for. There are lots of different types of cameras and lenses out there that can give you different results.

You might also need some lighting equipment. Halogens, flashlights, lamps, bulbs – anything that can help you brighten your subject should do to help you in low-light situations.

You will also need tripods and stabilizers. All of us do not enjoy watching shaky and blurred videos (well, unless you are a fan of found footage movies). And tripods can help you avoid such issues in your videos. Also, most cameras are heavy and could sometimes be hard to carry around as you follow the subject but tripods can hold them for you as you shoot.

Additionally, the sound matters in one’s video. Thus, you might want to consider in investing on a good-quality mic. Like a camera’s lens, there are also a lot of microphone types to choose from like condenser mics, dynamic mics, bass mics, multi-pattern mics, ribbon, USB mics, and much more. 

Next on the list is your editing software. Of course, if you are aiming for a video that will wow the audience, you need to have a good editing software and not just rely on windows’ moviemaker. And, you have to have knowledge in video editing as well. 

And, you have to have knowledge in video editing as well. There are lots of websites and youtube tutorials that can teach you how to edit videos step by step. You just have to explore the internet to find what can help you with your editing dilemma.

Also, you will be needing a good computer. This is where you will edit your videos and you have to have a better functioning PC or laptop. This will not make you a great editor, though. But, it will enable you to focus more on your video’s story rather than spending all of your time rendering.

Lastly, keep in mind that a music can change the mood of your video. Say, for example, you have a gloomy video. You cannot add Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” song to it as a background music. You have to match the visuals to the audio to properly communicate what you are trying to say through the video.

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