About Me

The world would be a horrible place if it not for the videos that we watch and the music that we listen to. The moment both video and music disappear is going to be the saddest day in human history. Lucky for us, that sounds like an impossible thing to happen.

My name is Eric Johansson, 24 yrs old. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in all things – video and music. Simply put, I love media. The memories of me shooting whatever footage I want when I was young is still fresh in my mind. I also still remember banging random objects to come up with whatever tune I can.

It’s this passion for music and video that pushed me to become what I am today. In the past 3 years, I have been the head of a media company that specializes in videography and music production. My experience in the field is not as deep as what veterans have but I can say confidently that I can impart quite a few things I have learned in the past years.

I have decided to establish this website, so that it may serve as an avenue for videographers and sound specialists worldwide. Think of it like a virtual studio wherein we can learn from each other.

Because the field has been progressively developing into something more complicated, it’s hard for newbies to get in the industry, as a number of things to learn are overwhelming. Let this website serve as many things for those newcomers. Let it serve as a dictionary, encyclopedia, and many others more. Do not hesitate to ask me or everyone else in this virtual community any questions as this is the only way we’d all progress and become better.

Despite my several years of experience, I am admittedly not a full-blown expert in the industry and I may be lacking in a few things to learn as well but I am more than willing to learn from you guys as well. At the same time, I want you guys to hear out some of the stuff I have to share as well as I’ve got some pretty neat stuff to tell you.

I want this website to become a nice community for videographers and music specialists alike and now that we have the venue for it, all that’s left is for us to become a thriving community that learns from each other.

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